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Our customer had given up all hope on having a usable back yard. He had contacted a variety of hard scape contractors to look at his property. His property was covered with trees and rocks. It was difficult to stand on it was so steep. Homeowner said most contractors never contacted him back.

On our first visit, I was astonished at the back yard. Hearing the owner’s desire for his property, I knew this was beyond the capabilities of a standard square foot block.

I did some research and found Chance with Lock and Load. We believed this product was a perfect match for this environment. Lock and load engineered the wall in a short period of time and construction began. We were able to use this wall system to build a platform to work off of for each phase. No other system could you do this with. We had nearly twenty feet in lift on this property. The homeowner now has several beautiful patios to enjoy on three different levels.

Lock and Load exceeded our expectations.
- Wes Hadsel

HadcoServices LLC
HadcoServices LLC

In February of 2021 I received a phone call from a customer. He was building a new house at the lake and needed a retaining wall. He explained that he wanted a place for his grandkids to play in the backyard. The problem was, no space for a backyard existed. From the back porch of his home, the property ran out 75 feet and in that 75 foot space, the property dropped an elevation of 50 feet. He wanted to build a wall in the middle of this slope which was at roughly a 66% grade. The area was so steep you could easily lose your footing and slide to the lake. Complicating this issue even further, we only had one access point. This access consisted of the driveway around the home which only provided room for a skid loader or a Mini Excavator...

I was told about the Lock + Load wall from Ryan High with Belgard, and shortly after met with the Lock + Load representative to discuss this challenging jobsite. After discussing the advantages of the Lock + Load system, we decided to use it on a smaller project as a test run. After a successful installation on our smaller job, we decided that Lock + Load was our only option on our lake house job.

The wall made the existing challenges that the jobsite posed seem simple and easy. The system is fast to install and looks great. We could not have used any other wall system on this job, and since its completion have used it on other wall applications in the area. I have been so happy with the Lock + Load system, that I have installed it on my own personal property.

The Lock + Load system with its versatility and advantages will remain an offering for our customers at Castlerock landscape moving forward.

Joseph Stewart, Owner

Castlerock Landscape
Castlerock Landscape